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Shopping Therapy

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Songs in the Key of Desire ..... at the Hollywood Fringe

NINE DRESSES: Sex Death Fashion  - "not to be missed!" 

Music and Text by Brenda Varda, Directed by Diana Wyenn

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"I loved the clever songs & the seamless combination of humor and deep emotion. Her take on several cultural & personal themes is a revelation!" Diane B.

"Humorous & poignant with original songs that are clever &  provocative. Addresses the power, ridiculousness, necessity, confusion, therapy, metaphors, etc etc etc of dressing ourselves everyday…somebody had to do it. We’re lucky it’s Brenda!" Rose P.

"Brenda has a great presence, a killer set of gams, & the right tone to bring off the show with barbs & guffaws. Loved the show ..would recommend it to anyone." Tomas B.

"Gutsy and glorious! A one-woman musical foray into the pleasures and pains of fashion. Go see it!!." Shelly W.

​Sacred Fools Black Box - 6322 Santa Monica Blvd.  during the Hollywood Fringe - click for tickets
4 more shows, June 13th - 9:00 pm, 18th - Noon, 23rd -6:30 pm , 25th - 10:00 pm